Our mission : Enabling tomorrow's digital talent to blossom.
We believe that education makes everything possible.
Since 2017, BeCode has been offering free training courses for jobseekers to become web developers in partnership with Simplon.

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Why BeCode?

A school to address the skills gap in an inclusive way

Opportunities and talent currently remain untapped due to a skills gap:
the gap between what employers need and what job seekers are offering today.



of Belgian youth are unemployed.


vacancies in Belgium by 2020 due to shortfall of e-skilled workers.


of employers blame inadequate training for the shortfall in skilled workers.

A Belgian coding school, powered by a methodology with a proven track record

Intensive 7-month coding school program.
Learn web and mobile development and turn that into a profession.
Free-of-charge training, open to all, with motivation as key driver.

BeCode is proud to be powered by Simplon.co.
A methodology with solid references and excellent results.


30 schools

in France, Romania and South-Africa.

1114 on-site students

along with 2.500 online students and 12.300 children made familiar with technology.

78% positive outcome

within 6 months, 78% of students have found a job, have created their own startup or started an advanced training.

Our story

Karen Boers, Laurent Hublet and Rodolphe Verhaegen have combined their forces around a common goal: to give everyone access to jobs of the future.

Karen promotes the role of start-ups in the economy.
Laurent prepares Belgium for the digital opportunity, within the government.
Rodolphe returns from Silicon Valley.

All three note the lack of developers, youth unemployment and opportunities in the corporate world.

In 2016, they sealed a partnership with Simplon, raised funds, brought together an operational and educational team and launched BeCode.
After opening the initial two promotions in Brussels, two additional classes were opened in the capital. In early 2018, a first Walloon branch opened its doors in Charleroi.
The next step is taking shape with the start-up in 2018 and expanding BeCode's activities throughout the country. :)

The team

Our team brings together managers and educators from a variety of backgrounds.
What brings us together is the passion for education and the strong desire to give access to a better future thanks to the exciting jobs of the Net.
Come and meet us in Brussels/Charleroi and soon everywhere in Belgium.

Eric Salla


Code Guardian

Juan Cely Ramos


Code Guardian

Ludovic Patho


Code Guardian

Eddy Lacassaigne


Charleroi's Director

Ayaan Jama


Marketing Officer

Tom Crohin


Marketing Officer

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Co-founder, board observer

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